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    In the link boxes above, there are a number of book lists / bibliographies on counseling / counselling, psychology, spiritual & religious topics, as well as relevant reference information, that may be helpful as a supplement to counselling. Below are a number of links to online & specialty bookstores / book stores / booksellers / bookshops.


    We offer professional counseling / counselling therapy services for individuals, relationships, marriages & families related to the above link boxes to books on addictions, affairs, anger, boundaries, depression, grief / loss, inner healing, prayer, spiritual abuse, spiritual direction & spiritual growth.

    Phone counseling / counselling, Online audio / video, email or LiveType Chat Instant Messaging etherapy sessions are available for working through issues as an alternative to the standard Office appointments we also offer (see Online & Phone Counseling).

    In our Resources section we also have a number of links, articles, essays & seminar notes that may be of help as a supplement to counseling.


How to find

  1. Books (Christian & secular) can be ordered by clicking onto the "Buy from amazon" buttons & links (Canadian, US & United Kingdom currencies & shipping rates) we have underneath most of the books we have listed. They almost always have cheaper used books (often even when they're out of print) in the "Best Price" link above the "Buy from amazon" button, & in the US / UK links.
  2. Many books can be ordered free by "Inter-Library Loan" at your local Public Library (data base of available books in libraries across Canada)
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  4. After some of the books, we have the author's phone number &/or web address with which you may be able to find out where else you can order their books.
  5. Books by Christian authors can often be purchased or ordered through local Christian bookstores (below)
  6. .


Christian Bookstores

(South West Ontario)


: Camerons, 905-457-9922

Brantford : The Gospel Lighthouse, 519-753-8837
Burlington :, 905-637-9151
  Camerons, 905-315-9061
Cambridge :, 519-220-0300
  Hidden Treasures, 519-653-0214
Dunnville : The Gospel Lighthouse, 905-701-1717
Guelph : Everlasting Impressions, 519-821-8018, 591-836-6430
Hamilton :, 905-664-3736
  Canadian Bible Society, 905-522-9104, 905-387-2292
  Camerons, 905-387-2292
  Credo Books, 905-387-1545
  Emmanual Book Shop, 905-549-3419, 905-387-2377
Kitchener /Waterloo :, 519-885-4500, 519-894-9900
London : Creation Bookstore, 519-659-2610, 519-686-3939
  Mustard Seed, 519-439-4423
  Peaceful Dove, 519-659-0592
  Sacred Heart, 519-666-3600, 519-679-8720
Milton : The Gospel Lighthouse, 905-875-1683
Mississauga : Bookroom & Education Ctr. 905-275-8303
  Camerons, 905-276-1976
  Ontario Christian Books, 905-821-3400
Niagara Falls :, 905-356-4113
  The Gospel Lighthouse, 905-374-3334
Oakville : Good Books, 905-844-3102
St. Catherines : Huntley's Used Christian Books, 905-988-9223, 905-646-1550
St. Thomas : The Gospel Lighthouse, 519-428-0371
Tillsonburg : The Gospel Lighthouse, 519-842-6612
Toronto : Anglican Book Ctr., 1-800-268-1168
Welland : The Gospel Lighthouse, 905-714-1775

Christian Armoury, 1-877-560-7841



Context of our Value Base

     Our counseling services are available to both Christians & non-Christians alike (as per our Mission Statement), & for both we integrate our spirituality only to the degree that people request & are comfortable with.  We are respectful of others being in somewhat different places than we are in the life journeys we walk out, & are also aware that many have been hurt or offended religiously by others in their past.

    We do not try to force our Christian value base or beliefs on others, although it can at times affect what goals we feel comfortable about being able to work on with others, because there are a handful of moral & spiritual issues where we will not be comfortable in counseling contrary to our beliefs. These issues generally do not tend to come up in most people's counseling though.

    We come from a spiritual, biblical perspective so when requested we also function as pastoral counselors / counsellors in addition to being professional counselors, marriage & family therapists.  We are very comfortable with prayer & the inclusion of scripture where this is requested & desired, yet even then it will be integrated only to the degree that people are comfortable with.


Who we are : MSW MDiv 20+ years counseling experience

Please feel free to book Online & Phone counseling appointments as an alternative to our Office appointments

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